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A day in the life of Kiana

This week, we had the privilege of speaking to Kiana, one of our graduates from the RM Academy. Now, over a year later, following successful completion of the Academy, a Rehabilitation Consultant specialising in Occupational Therapy here at Rehab Management. Kiana shared with us what she loves about her job and the positive difference she has made in her career.

When we asked Kiana why she chose to work in the rehabilitation industry, she responded with, “I did my final university placement with the Rehab Management team in Southeast Vic. I was lucky enough to gain some amazing insights into the day-to-day life of occupational rehab, which was an area of practice I had never considered prior!” Kiana explained that she came into her role with confidence, knowing she would receive the support she needed as a new graduate, both through the Graduate Program and the support of her colleagues.

Kiana expressed her love for her team as she said, “they are the most supportive team I have ever worked with.” Kiana then explained that in her role, she works with a diverse range of clients, each teaching her something new every day.

When asked about a time she impacted someone’s life, Kiana recalled: “A client I worked with for a few months had many difficulties in getting back to their life and work after a transport accident. I was able to work with them, with their workplace, and their treaters, to set up some goals to get back to work and everyday life. It was very rewarding to see them back at work and thriving, and to know I had a part in that was an amazing feeling.”

Kiana’s journey is just one example of how Rehab Management’s Graduate Academy encourages young individuals to make a positive impact. This program enriches the company’s diverse team and ensures long-term success and care for clients.

If you want to kickstart your career with the RM Academy, applications are now open with Graduate Academy programs commencing in late January 2024. You can learn more here and apply online.

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