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A Day in the Life of Matthew

This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Matthew Chapman, one of our team leaders here at Rehab Management.

Matthew took the time to share with us, his usual daily work routine, his travels on the job, the different people he meets each day and Matthew explores his favourite thing about working with us, here at Rehab Management. Read our interview with Matthew below.

‘My name is Matt, and I am one of the Team Leaders in Rehab Management’s Hobart team. As you’d imagine, there’s no typical day as a TL at Rehab Management which makes working here so great – you never know what you’re going to get! Don’t get me wrong, there is some structure to the day, and it would generally start with walking in at 8am most mornings, coffee in hand, and checking my emails from the previous evening as well as having a quick glance over Vinci to check on outstanding QA or tasks which need addressing. From there my day generally entails heading out GP reviews, completing Initial Assessments/Workplace Assessments, completing ergos, general case management activities and general staff support and management tasks such as file reviews with some of my team members.

During a typical day I meet and speak with such a wide variety of people ranging from our clients, allied health professionals, employers, insurers, medical professionals, and colleagues within Rehab Management.

A day out on the road for me can be vary varied depending on the given day. The Hobart team covers the width and breadth of Southern Tasmania which can entail us meeting with Oyster Farmers up the East Coast, Sheep Shearers in the Midlands to seeing Office Workers in Hobart’s CBD, generally not all on the same day I might add… So, a “typical day” would likely consist of an hour or so in the office catching up on general admin and case management, before heading out to a GP review mid-morning, potentially 2 depending on the day, popping back to the office for lunch before heading out again in the afternoon to complete an Ergonomic Assessment or similar.

In terms of where I’m heading to next: Office bound for file reviews first up!

I’m looking forward to a trip to the UK in July to introduce my new wife to my family over there as she is yet to meet them due to a certain pandemic…!

Back on the work front though, this afternoon I’ll be heading out to an aged care facility in South Hobart to complete a worksite review followed up by a medical review down in Salamanca.

No significant work trips planned other than the usual travel around Greater Hobart for medical reviews and assessments, however, I’m sure the Emergency Services Health Clinics must be coming around again soon which can see a couple of us physical consultants meeting up with the emergency services personnel at various stations around Tassie to complete health checks.

That leads me into what my favourite thing about working at Rehab Management is: The variety the role offers. When someone asks me why as an EP do you work in Occ Rehab, my reply is the variety each day brings as it’s never the same. The role is also very rewarding, not only from the perspective of assisting our clients, but also from a leadership perspective of seeing our consultants develop and grow over their careers. We have a great team here in Hobart and it’s been a privilege to work with my colleagues!’

Thank you, Matthew, for taking the time out of your day to let us interview you!

If you are interested in a career with us at Rehab Management, please visit our careers page here.


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