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    A day in the life of Oliver

    This week, we had the privilege of speaking to Oliver, one of our graduates from the RM Academy and now, over a year later, following successful completion of the Academy, a consultant here at Rehab Management. Oliver shared his daily routine, the diverse people he meets and his favourite aspects of working at Rehab Management.

    So, why did Oliver choose this line of work? Why did he apply for the RM Academy? He wanted to put himself to the test and take the next step to become a registered psychologist. The challenges that come with this role align with his personal and professional aspirations. Oliver shared with us that one of the things he loves about his job is “the human behaviour variables and random external factors”. It’s a dynamic environment where no two days are ever the same.

    But let’s take a closer look at what an average day in Oliver’s life looks like. Oliver told us that to set the tone for a day of high energy and productivity, it all starts with “with a freshly brewed percolated coffee and a croissant, followed by body-weight exercises.” He then walks to walk, where he collaborates with “healthcare professionals, insurers, employers and stakeholders to coordinate client care and secure appropriate services.”


    Learn more about Oliver’s progression from Graduate to Rehab Management Consultant.


    Oliver explained that on a day-to-day basis, “I help begin to facilitate change in the lives of our clients by offering emotional and psychological support, counselling, innovative solutions, and specialised services to help them achieve their return-to-work goals.”

    When asked about a time he made a difference in someone’s life, he shared a touching story about a client who received a newly developed resume, which Oliver had prepared. The client’s email of gratitude highlights the immense impact he had made, as it read, “Thank you so much Oliver for this positioning and wording you have done for me, very muchly appreciated”.

    Thank you, Oliver, for taking the time out of your day to let us interview you!

    If you want to kickstart your career with the RM Academy, you can learn more here and apply online.

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