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A Day in the Life of Ray

Meet Ray Nawaz, a passionate Rehabilitation Consultant at Rehab Management. Ray’s love for sports and exercise science, combined with his background in psychology is what makes him a perfect fit for this role and a very valuable asset to the team. As he describes, ‘the unique knowledge gained from both disciplines led me to believe that I could provide a distinct and valuable level of support to individuals seeking rehabilitation, allowing me to genuinely contribute to their well-being.’ Ray also mentions that he has had his fair share of injuries and rehabilitation periods too, which gives him a firsthand understanding of the challenges associated with the process of rehabilitation.

When asked about what he loves most about his role, Ray highlights several aspects that make it truly fulfilling. He responded with ‘I love my role for its flexibility, the fulfillment of helping people, the rewarding nature of the work, the enjoyable culture, and the support of my team.’ Ray values the enjoyable culture within his team and the support they provide, making the workplace a positive and motivating environment.

A typical day in Ray’s role in Liverpool is far from predictable. It involves a mix of medical case conferencing, administrative tasks, and crucial phone calls to stakeholders. Each day Ray enjoys lunch with his team in the office, ‘sharing stories whether it be about the exciting weekend, the stressful claim or rewarding Pre Injury Duty certificate someone just received.’ He explains, ‘no day is the same and that’s the best part of the job!’

Recalling a specific instance where he made a significant difference in someone’s life, Ray shares the story of an Italian client. Providing job-seeking support, Ray’s client expressed gratitude for the service, questioning why he was receiving so much help and unsure of how it was part of the scheme. Having grown up overseas, the client shared that such support would not have been available in his home country. Ray explains, ‘the best part of the story is, my client was able to find new employment in a role he never believed he could obtain and not only was he earning much more money, he was completing a less physically demanding role in the same field.’ The worker was so grateful for the support that Ray had provided him, he expressed that Ray had ‘changed his whole life around.’

Each day for Ray is an opportunity to make a positive impact and embrace the ever-changing nature of his role with us at Rehab Management.

Thank you Ray, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to let us interview you!

If you are interested in a career with Rehab Management, visit out careers page.

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