Allianz and Rehab Management Partnership Finalist in PIEF 2021 Awards

    We are pleased to announce that together with Allianz, we have been selected as a finalist in the Collaboration in Injury & Disability Management for the Personal Injury Education Foundation 2021 Awards.

    This is in partnership with the Allianz NSW CTP team (ie Ash Dunleavy) and you can see the full summary of the Awards here.

    We partnered for a CTP StepUpToday project to support injured people with functional upgrading and achieving wholistic goals aimed to improve quality of life.

    About StepUpToday.

    StepUpToday is a mobile web enabled integrated app that works to improve an individual’s function, independence, and wellbeing through meaningful, tailored goal setting around everyday activities. Categories in goal setting include health and lifestyle, daily household activities, hobbies, thoughts and feelings, work or study, family activities, and social connections.

    StepUpToday is designed to improve a person’s overall health and functionality. It is grounded in a strengths-based approach to help the participant strive for their own realistic goals, no matter what their injury, illness, life circumstances or past experiences.

    For more information on StepUpToday and Rehab Management other Innovative products and services, visit our programs and tools page.


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