Arriba’s Digital Wellness Platform – Our Approach to Innovation
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Arriba’s Digital Wellness Platform – Our Approach to Innovation

Last month, Arriba Group was ranked #1 Most Innovative Health Company in Australia and New Zealand for 2020 by The Australian Financial Review BOSS Most Innovative Companies. We sat down with Michelle Barratt, the National Innovation & Customer Engagement Manager for Rehab Management, to discuss our AFR win and the importance of customer-centric design when it comes to innovation.

As the National Innovation and Customer Engagement Manager, Michelle is responsible for product and service design and development. “The focus is not just on innovation for innovation’s sake” she explains, “but creating solutions that are people and customer-centric. In terms of customer engagement, I also help the business keep our finger on the pulse in terms of understanding our customers, what they’re looking for, their needs and what the trends are.”

Innovation is a core value at Arriba, but as a company, this is not just about technology, which is what often springs to mind when people think about innovation. “Day to day we help people, that’s the core of our business, so as a company, it’s about how we harness innovation to continue to help people by solving a problem or filling a gap,” Michelle says. “At Rehab Management, our focus on innovation is very advanced compared to a lot of others in the industry. A lot of rehab providers are still working within paper-based environments. We’ve moved beyond that – moving to paperless clinical practice but also mobile integrated apps.”

The Arriba Digital Wellness Platform was awarded winner of the Best Health Industries Innovation for 2020. The platform includes a series of programs and tools to help people manage their mental and physical health. CheckInToday is a digital application that uses an evidence-based standardised assessment questionnaire to inform the design of a tailored mental health program for participants. “The tool gives us a clear triage process, so depending on the individuals’ needs, we can determine the amount of coaching or training the user needs and develop a suitable tailored program.” StepUpToday is a goal-setting program that aims to improve an individual’s independence through everyday activities. The application leverages innovation to achieve the best outcome for the individual.
“StepUpToday is an accessible, easy to use app, for people who may not be phone literate. For us, it wasn’t about giving them a piece of technology and sending them on their way – we’re coaching, supporting, and guiding them through the app, and using technology to enhance the outcome.”

For Michelle, being ranked #1 on the AFR Most Innovative list was validation that the company’s focus on innovation was reaping benefits for its customers and stakeholders.
“We knew we had something good, that the digital wellness solutions were effective and impactful, but winning the award brings it all home. I’m really proud of the team and what we’ve achieved, it’s been a real team effort”.

Rehab Management is continuously working on new projects, focusing on innovating within traditional services as well as finding new and novel programs and products. Michelle and the Innovation team are currently working on PeopleCompass – an employee health and wellbeing platform that employees can use to monitor, support and engage their employees in their health and wellbeing.
“It gives employers some really good tools, especially in this COVID-19 period, to better support and engage their employees.”

Talk to us today to discuss how the Arriba Digital Wellness Platform can support your organisation.

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