Our Culture

Achieving our vision relies on a diverse and inclusive culture, as well as a multidisciplinary and high-performing team of allied health and rehabilitation professionals.

Our company culture is always evolving and our diversity action plan caters for changing demographics.

To help maintain a positive workplace culture, we celebrate a variety of initiatives, events, activities and milestones.

We place a high importance on people, and this is reflected in our commitment to rewarding and recognising individuals who support these values.

A people management framework is in place to foster an energised workplace and deliver excellent outcomes for customers.

We offer a range of learning opportunities to support the continuing professional development of staff.

By valuing and respecting the professionalism, contributions and aspirations of each employee, we seek to promote and maintain a motivated, client-focused workplace culture, based on quality conversations about workplace practices, continuous improvement and innovation.

Why choose Rehab Management?

What makes us special


Service delivery

Equity and diversity helps our company to better reflect and understand the needs of providers and clients, enabling a customer-centric approach.


Workplace culture

Creating a respectful culture that values diversity allows all employees to work productively.


Attraction and retention

Providing work/life balance and other supportive and equitable work practices helps us to attract and retain talented employees from diverse backgrounds.


Social impact

Employing people from diverse backgrounds creates positive flow-on effects for the broader community.

Employee Benefits


Flexible work

Variety of flexible work arrangements (working hours / part-time)



Transfer, secondment and promotional opportunities



Performance incentives that reward achievements



Annual professional development allowance



Annual career development allowance for Managers through partnership with AIM



Employee Assistance Program



Annual Short Term Incentive for Managers



Annual recognition rewards program


Community Service leave

One day per year to give back to the community and volunteer your services

RM Academy

The RM Academy provides a unique opportunity to be a part of creating future success for a Nationally Accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Provider that is committed to going further in all aspects of its business, while helping to build a better world.

This intensive three-month graduate development program is designed to build the capability of new graduates in preparation for an exciting career with Rehab Management, while providing real and rewarding experiences.

The program involves best-practice blended learning techniques to maximise professional and personal development. The RM Academy provides essential tools and training to ensure all graduates achieve career success through mentoring, peer support and e-learning.


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