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Helping Hand

Congratulations on securing an interview with Rehab Management!

Below are some helpful tips on how to prepare for a successful meeting with us.


  • Thoroughly review the job description and research the company
    We want to know that you fully comprehend what the job entails and that you share our core company values.
  • Prepare answers to questions you could be asked
    You can find common job interview questions with a quick Google. It’s an advantage to have your answers ready in advance do you can feel confident going into the interview.
  • Dress for the job you want
    Dress professionally and wear business attire appropriate for the role.
  • Come prepared
    Bring a copy of your CV and any other relevant documentation, and make sure you know exactly who you are meeting.
  • And finally, plan your journey to ensure that you arrive on time.


  • Make eye contact and show enthusiasm
    Don’t be afraid to show your confidence and how passionate you are about the role.

  • Don’t rush
    Take your time formulating answers to the questions we ask you.

  • Talk about your experience
    We want to know why your past experience makes you perfect for the role.

  • Ask questions
    We want to be able to sell the benefits of Rehab Management, just as much as we want to find out about you.

    Just remember, the aim of the interview is to find out if you have the potential to do the job, the motivation to perform well and the ability to fit into our unique culture. We cannot wait to meet you!