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Celebrating Dominique as Rehab Counsellor of the Year 2022

We are ecstatic to celebrate the achievements of our very own Dominique Higgins for receiving Rehabilitation Counsellor of the Year at the Australian Allied Health Awards 2022.

Dominique has been with the business for over 6 years, touching the lives of the clients, employers and colleagues that she works with. With over 14 years Rehabilitation Counselling experience and 10 years’ experience working within the Vocational Rehabilitation sector (within Disability Employment services, the Workers Compensation and Life Insurance markets), Dominique is a huge asset to the Rehab Management team, and we couldn’t be prouder of her recent win.

We spoke to Dominique about what this award means to her:

“The expression, “we are the sum of our experiences” really resonates with me and I really believe that through adversity, amazing things can happen. I was honoured and humbled to have been chosen as the 2022 Australian Allied Health Awards Rehabilitation Counsellor of the year. A prestigious national award recognising allied health professional across Australia. I’d like to think that this award is a demonstration of the sum of my experiences and all the wonderful people who have supported me throughout my journey.”

Congrats Dominique!

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