We have developed a unique, digital Health and Wellness Toolbox that includes a number of programs covering the spectrum from prevention to recovery:

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CheckInToday is a screening and intervention program designed to identify and address mental health concerns early, including individuals impacted by social isolation, anxiety and fear.

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StepUpToday app is a tailored rehabilitation program for individuals with an injury or illness using SMART goal setting to increase capacity for return to work.

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MyJourney is a psychosocial intervention program that supports individuals’ recovery after physical or psychological injury by targeting maladaptive behaviours, thoughts or feelings impacting on goal achievement.

Health and Wellness Programs

Programs are person-centred, individually tailored, evidence-based and delivered using a mixed mode of service delivery, including personal and digital touchpoints. The mixed modes of service delivery support timely and relevant tailoring that significantly increases client engagement and leads to improved wellbeing and recovery outcomes.


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Individually tailored to your needs

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