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“The superior service and guidance provided by the RM team. My allocated consultant has been exceptional in her support of complex cases.”


“The Rehab Consultant was fantastic! They discussed many options and also what factors can be considered to contribute. I was very satisfied with the level of genuine service I received.”

Injured Worker

“Fantastic work! You struck obstacles at every turn. I honestly don’t believe [customer] would have obtained this outcome without your guidance and support!”


“I liked their genuine concern for my back to work progress. They did care.”

Injured Person

“My rehab provider was amazing and really cared about me. I felt very supported by her and always followed up on what she said she would do. She always tried to get things done but not always co-operated by my employer. She always kept in contact with me and attended all my GP appointments with me. She treated me as a person not a number. I would highly recommend her.”

Injured Worker