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    Example of Successful Holistic Rehabilitation Case to Support Life Goals

    Mr. B was referred to Rehab Management after he had been diagnosed with Metastatic gastro-oesophageal cancer, due to exposure of carcinogens in the course of his employment Aviation Firefighter for a large transport/ logistic organization.

    The rehabilitation goals were to support Mr. B and his family in accessing supports and managing the impacts of having a terminal cancer.

    Our senior psychologist conducted a comprehensive S36 Rehabilitation assessment developing a rehabilitation program to support Mr. B in his life goals, as opposed to return to work which was considered unlikely in the near future.

    In the Medical Management and Recovery planning stage, ongoing communication between Rehab Management, Mr. B, and his medical treaters was kept regarding treatment outcomes, updates in capacity, and additional intervention possibilities.

    Mr. B and his Rehab Consultant developed a “Coping Toolbox”, to assist accessing community resources to aid in treatment phase.

    Assistance access to includes:

    • Financial Counselling
    • Adjustment Counselling (including family counselling)
    • Practical Assistance
    • Support Services
    • Transport

    During the rehabilitation counselling process, continuing health coaching was provided to Mr B to assist with adjustment to his condition and managing the impacts on his health, social interaction, and family life.

    Mr. B’s attainment of an Assistance of Daily Living (ADL) Assessment was completed and required for assistance and modifications to assist with successful completion of daily tasks.

    With Rehab Management, Mr. B’s rehabilitation program, the holistic approach has benefitted the client’s emotional, physical, and social well-being. As a result, Mr. B has access to all community resources needed to maintain on track for his life goals.

    *Client’s name has been changed for privacy.

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