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Focusing On Rehabilitation and Recovery In The New Year

It’s a busy time of year but we need to stay on track for our rehabilitation and recovery.

It can be easy to let these slide after the silly season is over, however, it is important to get yourself back on track – and there is no better time than now!

Even for those who have maintained their rehab and recovery focus, the New Year is a great opportunity to stop and look at your progress over the past 12 months and reflect on what you have learned.

Whatever the case, making some New Year’s resolutions can help you stay focused into 2022. Just remember to be realistic – we are only human.

And we are always here to help at Rehab Management.

Conquering the post-Christmas challenge

You might have had a hectic time over Christmas and you’re exhausted and it seems all too hard to get back to your usual routine. For some, the holiday period may have brought other stressors which have left you feeling deflated.

Add to that missed appointments and supports over the holiday closure. And, just to top it off, we’ve all had a very trying two years amid a pandemic which has brought so many new challenges – and it’s not over yet.

Wanting a break is completely understandable!

But remember that taking time out from our regular rehab and recovery routines could negatively affect our overall wellbeing – and that “holiday” may well end up being anything but enjoyable or relaxing.

Whatever you’re doing, it’s important to fit your regimen in to ensure there are no set-backs.

Don’t be too resolute when making resolutions

Equally, don’t set yourself up to fail. Especially for those who are trying to “make up” for a less than ideal Christmas period, hard-to-achieve New Year’s resolutions are not the best idea. If you set your goals too high and fail, it can make it even harder to get back on track. It’s all too easy to become disillusioned.

Setting a series of achievable, measurable goals throughout the year can help keep you focused as we head into 2022. And make sure you celebrate each one. In fact, as we put 2021 behind us, reflect on ALL the positives you achieved last year and celebrate those as well! Write a list for when your motivation is lacking.

Keep moving forward

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day of your regimen, particularly over the summer when many people are taking it easy. Just don’t let that day become the first of many. Be quick to accept it for what it is, and then re-set and re-focus.

At Rehab Management we know that recovery is a journey that doesn’t always follow a straight path. There can be twists and turns, and even roadblocks. But it is important to keep moving forward – don’t let a pause become a permanent stop, or send you backwards.

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