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Holidays can be lonely for some people. Share the love, check in with them.

In and around the constant bustle of the holiday season it’s easy to forget friends and family who might not be front of mind. Keeping in touch with people who may be lonely or isolated during this holiday period is vital. There are several easy ways to keep in touch and make an impact on their lives.


Virtual catchups and chats

A quick and easy way to check in with friends is through video calls and phone calls. With most people owning smartphones or laptops/PCs now it is just a matter of teeing up a time. On top of being easy, there are a lot of options for these catchups:

  • Have coffee or a meal virtually. Talk about what you are doing for the break and how you’re relaxing during your time off. This helps to make them feel a part of your life.
  • Organise a card or gift swap and then do it virtually once both have been received. This is a great way to share interests or provide a new hobby for the break.
  • Chat about TV, music, or movies that you might have seen recently. Possibly even organise a 2nd time to talk about them (corny and cheesy Christmas movies are fun!)


Holiday event catchup

There are so many events at this time of year. Organising time to catch up and spend an evening together can result in amazing fun! It only takes one night to make someone feel loved and looked after during the Christmas period. Some different things that are always happening include:

  • Christmas Carols on TV. A great opportunity to have a friend or two over and enjoy a lovely meal and drink together. Everyone knows and can enjoy the singers, songs, and festivities.
  • Public decorations and lights are a staple of this time of year. Whether you search out local recommendations or check for a council lists/maps, heading out with friends or family to see them is always fun.
  • A lot of charities and organisations need help at this time of year. Checking out local organisations which need help and doing that with friends and family is a really lovely way to share the joy of the season.


Gift exchange or Secret Santa

Whether you are just a small group of friends, workmates, or extended family, a small gift exchange is a great way to let people know you’re thinking of them. People with a small circle of friends will often go through the holiday period with little to no gifts or exchanges and it’s important not to forget them. Having themed gifts, introducing them to new hobbies, sharing interests, or a new book/movie/TV Show to watch during their break is often a really nice way to remind them you’re around. Even the smallest efforts will often change a person’s whole outlook on the holiday period.

If you want more ideas on how to help support your friends and family during this holiday period, check out these great resources from the South Australian Government and The Every Girl.

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