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How to manage and reduce stress

In the busy world we live in it is not hard to become overwhelmed occasionally. We are constantly trying to keep up with our work and social lives, whilst striving towards maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, it is not an easy balance.

Although most of us struggle to keep up with our commitments, there are ways of dealing with the stress we can experience as a result of this constant battle.

Zac Chadwick, one of our registered psychologists in Melbourne, shares some advice on dealing with stress.

Five tips on dealing with/ reducing stress –


  • Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise helps lower our stress response and cortisol. It allows us to be able to regulate our breathing. This can be any sort of aerobic exercise, so for those with mobility difficulties, maybe try some mild walking, or swimming/ water aerobics.


  • Paced Breathing:

Although this seems to be thrown around a lot, there are a variety of breathing techniques that help lower our heart rate, and focus our mind.


  • Set Boundaries:

This might include changing out of your work clothes after your day, getting space from your work spot/ place (especially if you work from home). In your personal life, it’s good to have energy for others, but don’t forget to recharge yourself, invest in what fills your energy.


  • Your Network:

Use your network to debrief. It doesn’t always feel great but sometimes utilising your friendship group, family or close friends can help relieve stress, bounce productive ideas off or sometimes even get a reality check. Framing this with “I’m looking to solve X problem” or “Do you/ you all have space for me to have a vent” can really help people know how to support you.


  • Time and Space:

In our fast paced world, sometimes we need to literally stop to smell the roses. Take some time in a space you find safe or invigorating whether it’s outside in nature, watching a movie, reading a book or listening to your podcast whilst going for a drive. Sometimes it’s great to be still in your life and mind. This might help you prioritise where to put your energies next.


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