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How to Manage Your LinkedIn Profile

No matter what stage of the job search process you’re in, a LinkedIn profile that stands out can be your best friend. Traditionally, job seekers have used online job board platforms to make their next career move. But the rise in social media has changed all of that and expanded the networking avenues available. 

LinkedIn provides professionals with the perfect opportunity to get their name and face in front of hundreds of others. A professional LinkedIn profile is a terrific asset to have, especially if you are in the market for a new job. However, it is essential to manage your profile to ensure that it draws attention, says the right things, and helps you connect with the right people who can help you with your career. 

Here are four simple tips to help you manage your LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Choose an appropriate profile picture:  

One of the simplest things you can do is update your profile picture, which helps you stand out to recruiters and allows people to put a face to your name. LinkedIn is not the platform to use photos of your family, friends or pets. Your profile picture is the first impression that people will have of you, so it is essential to choose one that looks professional to make an impact and help you stand out from the crowd. Ensure that the picture is recent and looks like you, zoom in on the photo so that your face takes up around 60% of it, wear professional work attire, and don’t forget to smile!

  1. Showcase your passion for learning 

Now is your time to shine by showcasing your education or any courses you have completed. Don’t be shy or concerned about bragging! The more skills and courses listed in your profile, the better. 

  1. Highlight your experience

The key rule here is to be concise and to the point, as people will only skim over your experience. There is no need to enter your entire resume in this section. Include any jobs that are relevant to highlight your expertise in the direction that you want your career to go and use three or so bullet points for each role you include. The key is to highlight what you accomplished in each position, such as the initiatives you have led and the impact you have made. 

  1. Grow your network

Start making connections! Growing your network is a great way to engage with people in your industry and discover potential job opportunities. One of the easiest ways to increase your LinkedIn connections is to sync your profile with your email address. LinkedIn will then suggest people you may want to connect with. This is an amazing tip to re-engage with people you have interacted with previously. Then once you are connected, it’s time to network! The best way to do this is to stay engaged with your connections by conversing and engaging with your LinkedIn connections, keeping your network up to date.

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