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Jade’s Student Placement Experience

The leap from student to allied health professional is a new and challenging adventure.

At Rehab Management, we offer student placement opportunities to make this transition seamless and a positive learning experience.

We spoke to Jade, a student working on her Masters in Rehabilitation Counselling, who just finished her placement in the at Toowong Office. Jade was working on a part-time basis, completing 200 hours to meet a set list of competencies which makes her eligible for memberships with professional bodies and to graduate.

“I offered support to the psychological team with report writing, case noting and shadowing the team whilst conducting assessments. Towards the end of placement with clients that were comfortable to do so, I lead vocational counselling sessions with my supervisor observing.”

A great part of student placements is that they support the future allied health professional in gaining hands on experience with working with clients. University provides the structure and education, but entering a real workplace means they home in on their practical skills and support real clients. Their time mirroring an Allied Health professional sets them up for success in their careers.

“Often student placement is the first real experience students get at completing tasks that they will be completing throughout their career that is outside of a simulated case file scenario. My placement experience was the first time working within the various insurance schemes and enabled me to see which schemes I preferred working with.

My day to day involved a variety of tasks.  First thing would usually involve checking my calendar and emails for any new tasks to complete or following up from the previous day, seeing what my supervisor needed support with that day. I would then usually attend some sort of assessment or review with supervisor’s client, and write any associated reports or case notes. From here, I would check if any of the team needed support completing any tasks they had, like vocational reports, progress reports, initial assessment reports. Tasks could also entail researching different services or study options that clients may be interested in. ”

Our student placements mean that people like Jade get a real feel for the career they’re in. They become part of our team, and are valued members that contribute greatly to our clients wellbeing.

“I loved my time and experience at Rehab Management with my professional values aligning to the companies’. I immediately felt like a valued member of the team and at the end of placement being fortunate enough to obtain a casual role as a Business Support Officer while I wait for professional registration before becoming a full time Rehab Consultant.”

For students completing placements at Rehab Management, we work hard to ensure they get the most out of their experience. Our team of professionals are great mentors, leading people like Jade to fulfilling and successful careers.


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