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Launch of StepUpToday for LiveBig

Our mobile web enabled integrated goal setting interactive program, StepUpToday, has just been implemented into our sister business, LiveBig, to assist people with disability in working towards their goals.

For people living with disability, in ill health or have sustained an injury, it can affect their participation in activities of daily living, from spending time with family, doing hobbies they enjoy or undertaking selfcare activities. The StepUpToday app aims to improve a person’s function, independence and wellbeing through meaningful, tailored goal setting around everyday activities.

The brilliance of this program and app is that the activities are enjoyable, achievable, and totally tailored to the individual. It may be as simple as setting goals around taking the dog for a walk and increasing the distance over time, engaging in social activity such as going to the shops, or having a cup of coffee with a friend.

For LiveBig clients, StepUpToday is used in conjunction with our person centric services including occupational therapy, psychology, exercise physiology and physiotherapy. From start to finish, we are with the individuals we support, ensuring they StepUpToday, to reach their goals. We are extremely honoured that the platform originally developed for Rehab Management clients working towards RTW and wholistic life goals has been transformed to service people living with disability.

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