A day in the life of a Life Insurance Consultant
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A day in the life of a Life Insurance Consultant

Find out what Rehab Management Life Insurance Consultant Adam has to say about why he loves his role and Life Insurance members.

What does a Rehab Management Life Insurance Consultant do, exactly? Find out as you read what one of our Life portfolio Rehab Consultants based in Perth has to say about why he loves his role and Life members.

What does a Life Insurance Consultant do?

A Life Insurance Consultant works with individuals who are on income protection insurance to assist  with realistic plan tailored to an individual’s needs, with the goal of addressing functional, cognitive, and lifestyle factors to improve overall wellness and work readiness. We provide members with the best possible chance of recovery, and achieving wellness for work. Our goal is to also assist with psychological well-being.

Our experienced consultants also assist in upskilling towards future employment and management of their rehabilitation. We work with both the Member and the Insurer to create an effective plan to minimise time away from employment. We assist in attaining the required training, upgrade employment attainment skills (workshopping cover letters, resumes and interview skills), and liaise with Members and treatment providers to create employment goals regarding work capacity.

Have long have you been a Life Insurance Consultant?

Currently, I have been working in the Western Australia office of Rehab Management for a little over a year. Within this time I have had the opportunity to work with many Insurers and Members to return to the workplace and attain proficient job seeking strategies and skills.

Why did you choose this line of work?

As a Provisional Psychologist, working within Life Insurance is something that requires the skills I’ve been trained in. Looking into motivation, capacity, and having open communication is something that I enjoy doing and use daily when undertaking Life Insurance Consultancy.

What does a Life Insurance Consultant do in a typical day?

On a daily basis my job consists of the following:

  • Liaising with Insurers and Members to discuss ongoing goals and achievements
  • Meeting with Members and undertaking Vocational Counselling
  • Meeting with Members face to face to assist with upskilling and training
  • Undertaking Motivational Interviews to assist in creating drive and passion to return to work
  • Assisting to attain work trials for Members to obtain real life on the job experience
  • Discussing return to work goals with both Members, and liaising with relevant treaters to ensure all involved within the Life Insurance journey are aware of the goals and timelines we have outlined together

What is most satisfying about your job?

I get to work with some amazing people. I like to hear peoples’ journeys up to the point of meeting them, and being able to work together to construct clear goals, developing pathways together to attain these. The Members I work with as a Life Insurance Consultant are vast and varied individuals, and no two are alike. The breadth and depth of experience is something I enjoy exploring within this vocation.

What have you learned about Rehab Management’s Life Insurance members through this role?

Each and every Member is an individual – and to attain positive outcomes that is the first and foremost piece of knowledge I have learnt. Even through some of the toughest of experiences, people are resilient and are able to overcome difficult obstacles.

What skills have you learned yourself since becoming a Life Insurance Consultant?

I think the key skill to being a Life Insurance Consultant is to remember first and foremost that you’re a human being, working with other human beings. Within rehabilitation, there can be expectations on what outcomes need to occur. However, Life is not as simple as a following a set plan. There is no set way to assist every individual, and it is important to really understand and listen to Members to be able to help them on their journey.

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