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Mental Health Month

October welcomes a month of heightened awareness and focus on mental well-being – it’s Mental Health Month in NSW! Amidst this pivotal observance, Rehab Management stands as an advocate for mental health. With a wealth of experience in delivering evidenced workplace rehabilitation, health, and well-being solutions, Rehab Management strongly encourages the conversation surrounding mental health.

At Rehab Management, innovation serves as the cornerstone of service delivery. Our multidisciplinary team is committed to delivering tailored, client-centric solutions that stand as benchmarks of excellence. Rehab Management delivers multiple programs and training that focus on effective solutions for mental health and well-being in both a personal and professional environment. Our innovative programs include CheckInToday, StepUpToday and MyDirection.


CheckInToday is a holistic approach to supporting an individual’s mental health and wellbeing. It formulates tailored support programs for each individual through an evidence-based screening questionnaire. Delivered by our health professionals, the program aims to reduce mental health and psychosocial issues/impacts, reduce isolation, and link participants with community and treatment resources.


StepUpToday is a tailored rehabilitation program for individuals with an injury or illness which supports them to achieve health goals via structured goal setting. With the support of a Wellness Coach, these goals are worked towards over a pre-planned timeframe, depending on the individual needs. This approach promotes enjoyable, achievable, and tailored goals for people looking to achieve health or recovery goals and in turn enhancing their quality of life and mental health wellbeing.


MyDirection is a digitised, client-centred program that identifies risk factors and predicts the likelihood of long-term unemployment after physical or psychological injury or illness. The process involves an interview/assessment and review period followed by the setting of a structured and tailored program that helps and empowers individuals achieve recovery and return to work goals. By the end of the program, the individual can expect to feel more independent and confident in self-management to avoid relapse and an increase in positive psychological wellbeing.

Mental Health Month NSW invites everyone to engage in open conversations and embrace the importance of mental well-being. Rehab Management extends an open invitation to all, offering a series of webinars that will aim to provide you with the insight and tools to navigate the world of mental health. They will be hosted by several experts including Rehab Management’s Michelle Barrat and Psychological Services Manager, Deborah Shand. Book a free seat to any of the webinars here.

Amidst the events and activities of Mental Health Month, Rehab Management encourages you to prioritise your own mental wellness. This October is an opportunity to shed light on a topic that affects us all. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your personal well-being or looking to foster a mentally healthy workplace, Rehab Management is your partner in progress.

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