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National Stroke Week

With National Stroke Week on the horizon (7-13 August), it’s crucial to highlight the significance of this week dedicated to raising awareness about heart health and stroke prevention. At Rehab Management, we’re committed to joining hands with the Stroke Foundation Australia in encouraging Australians to prioritise heart health and helping those who have suffered a stroke get back on their feet.

Unfortunately, every nine minutes an Australian experiences a stroke, emphasising the need for us to be proactive in prevention. One of the best ways to combat this is through awareness and education. This is where National Stroke Week comes in.

National Stroke Week is a national campaign run by Stroke Foundation Australia, aimed at increase community awareness of stroke. The focus is to encourage Australians to take steps towards preventing strokes. From sharing health tips with your mates, to participating in a local awareness event, or hosting a fundraiser for stroke research, there are countless ways you can contribute to this stroke awareness and prevention, and help to make a difference.

At Rehab Management, we echo the commitment of the Stroke Foundation Australia and are passionate about offering assistance and services to those affected by stroke. We believe in the power of prevention, rehabilitation, and integration.

We provide services with a focus on rehabilitation. This service is designed to optimise the health and wellbeing, reduce the impact of stroke and other health conditions. Our tailored programs promote healthy lifestyle choices, stress management, and regular health assessments to proactively address risk factors before they escalate.

Our broad range of tailored services and assessments extend from pre-employment, at-work programs and even providing assistance when the individual is no longer employed.

For those who have experienced a stroke, our services offer robust support. Our professional team is dedicated to providing effective rehabilitation and return-to-work programs. We’re deeply invested in every individual, understanding their unique circumstances, capabilities, and aspirations to offer personalised support.

At Rehab Management, we encourage you to join us this National Stroke Week. You can help raise awareness in your community, encourage preventive measures among your loved ones, or volunteer with organisations that assist stroke survivors. Remember, every action counts when it comes to raising stroke awareness.

This National Stroke Week, let’s spread the word, let’s educate ourselves and others, and let’s stand together for heart health and stroke prevention.

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