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Manual Handling Assessments and Training

Manual handling in the workplace involves a range of tasks that, if done incorrectly, can have a detrimental impact on the health of your workers.

Tasks like lifting boxes, using hand tools, operating machinery, cleaning, picking, and packaging must be done correctly to prevent injury.

In fact, WMSDs (work related musculoskeletal disorders) are the leading work health and safety (WHS) problem, costing employers $24 billion a year in terms of substantial economic impacts (Safe Work Australia, 2015a).

However, research has clearly found that programs to enhance managers’ skills in WMSD risk management competencies is an effective means of reducing the risk of WMSDs (Safe Work Australia, 2019).

How Can Rehab Management Help?

We offer both manual handling assessments and training to our clients.

Our manual handling assessment will look at all the physical demands and tasks completed by staff in your workplace. From there, we can identify any physical or environmental hazards that may put your employees at risk of sustaining an injury.

Our manual handling training services will help your employees understand and comply with Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) requirements. We offer theoretical and practical training components that staff can apply in the workplace.

We offer two training options:

  • On site and in person, our team comes to you and training can be tailored to your needs

What Is A Manual Handling Assessment?

The type of information we will provide after our manual handling assessment includes:

  • Analysis of employment activities (including what areas of workers body are most at risk of injury).
  • Information about current workplace injury data.
  • A detailed explanation of control measures to reduce risks.
  • Identification of workplace injury hazards.

At the conclusion of the assessment, your qualified occupational therapist, physiotherapist or exercise physiologist undertaking the assessment will provide you with a comprehensive report identifying all physical risks and recommendations for short and long-term workplace improvement.

What Is Manual Handling Training?

Our manual handling training provides employees with the education and skills to safely undertake manual handling tasks and reduce the risk of injury. We will empower participants to ensure they are working safely, comfortably, and productively.

On completion of the course, all participants receive a certificate of completion and additional course notes about manual handling. All training is provided by a qualified occupational therapist, physiotherapist or exercise physiologist.

How Long Does The Assessment and Training Take?

Manual handling assessments and training go hand in hand. The overall assessment and training time depends on your business and its needs. Factors including workforce size, location and industry specifics are all considered when tailoring training to our clients.

Participants can attend individual and small group training sessions at any of our Rehab Management offices located nationally. Alternatively, our qualified Allied Health professionals can come to your workplace to conduct specialised sessions with your staff. Our flexible approach is all about meeting your business needs.

Get in contact with one of our team members today.

What Is Good Manual Handling Practice?

To help reduce the risk of injury, follow these safety practices:

  • Remember your feet positioning
  • Brace your stomach muscles
  • Bend your knees
  • Maintain the curves of your back
  • Use your large leg muscles
  • Avoid twisting your back – nose and toes
  • Keep the load close to you
  • Avoid jerky movements

Rehab Management Difference

We aim to provide exceptional services for everyone we work with, including businesses and all of our corporate clients.

People first approach

Passionate multi-disciplinary allied health professionals

Award winning innovative services

Evidence based services

Office locations across Australia

Positive workplace culture

“Rehab Management’s Manual Handling training was highly engaging and useful. I had my warehouse packaging team participate, and whilst we had the core understanding, this training really helped to refresh and ensure we are working safely. The theory and practical components were great and really kept my team engaged as well as taking in the key messages. Thanks Rehab Management.”


“Thanks to the team at Rehab Management for coming out on site to observe and assess the way we do our job including taking photos of specific activities and then turning this into a tailored manual handling manual for our employees to have and refer to. The training you delivered was of great benefit as the manual tasks being explained and demonstrated were the ones we do on a daily basis. My Team provided a lot of positive feedback about the facilitator and the way he took the time to ensure we all understood the key messages.”