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Rehab Management’s EmployPath services shorten the gap to job placement through investing in innovative practices to support both the Employer and job seeker.

As an expert in New Employment services, EmployPath innovative services supports both the Employers and candidates. Research tells us that for every 20 days someone is off work, it reduces their chances of returning to work to 70%.

EmployPath for employers is your bespoke talent finder. For candidates, EmployPath is a self-paced coaching experience to job-finding, allowing you to acquire the job seeking capabilities to build a meaningful career.

Our vision is to be the number one nation-wide market leader in New Employer Services connecting clients to the right supports at the right time to shorten the gap to job fulfilment.

Our mission is to take care of our people-passionate workforce to achieve meaningful employment for all.

EmployPath Employer

EmployPath is your bespoke talent finder. An innovative, world first and self-service talent-finding experience, allowing you to connect to a ‘hidden talent’ pool of candidates building truly diverse organisations, at no cost to your business.

You can start your journey at any time you have a staffing need by completing the form on the Candidate Request Portal letting us know your unique vacancy needs.

Using the Candidate Request Portal, you can see EmployPath as an extension to your recruitment family allowing us to take care of your recruitment needs, so you can take care of your business.

Your dedicated concierge will prepare a personalised package with the best candidates to compliment your business and fill your vacancy.

We want you to feel empowered you are making an informed and the right hiring decision, having the peace of mind we understand your business to personally vet and pre-screen candidate recommendations.

We are so happy to recommend Rehab Management to any businesses looking to grow their workforce through temporary placement or permanent hiring. In 2021, we were invited to offer a placement to a former veteran, who was midway through completing their electrical apprenticeship and keen to get back into the trade after many years out of work. We initially planned to take them on for a short-term placement, however, after repeated positive feedback from clients and other staff members, we decided to offer ongoing employment. This staff member is now one of our strongest assets, bringing great skills, attitude, and ideas every week.

Kat, Director of Give Industries, Brisbane.

EmployPath Candidate - Coming Soon

EmployPath supports and empowers people to secure meaningful careers in today’s job market and independently navigate tomorrow’s job market, to shorten the gap to job fulfilment.

It is an innovative, world first and self-paced coaching experience to job-finding, allowing you to acquire the job seeking capabilities to build a meaningful career.

Individuals will be able to log into our Job Seeking Support Portal at any time to access quality resources that build your skills and capabilities when establishing a new career path or applying for a role within the open or ‘hidden’ labour market.

EmployPath will prepare you for what’s next in your career journey, by competently learning and applying the job seeking strategies to access 80% of jobs that are not advertised.

EmployPath is built around the ethos of empowerment, by having real-time access to a bespoke toolkit of job-finding resources, centred around your unique experiences, strengths, and interests.

Our Innovative Programs

We have a number of innovative award-winning services designed to provide easy access, reduce recovery time frames, or identify potential mental health issues early. These include RMReach, MyDirection, StepUpToday, CheckInToday and our bespoke digital wellness platform PeopleCompass.

Rehab Management partners with a number of universities in the development of programs ensuring each one incorporates the latest evidence-based practices to ensure that best practice service delivery is maintained at all times.