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Military Rehabilitation Services

Australian Defence Industry Award Winner Medal

As a nationally accredited provider of rehabilitation services to the military, Rehab Management has a strong track record and proven results working with military (both past and present) and civilian personnel.

With over 20 years of experience servicing this sector and over 100 registered consultants, our company is uniquely placed to meet military rehabilitation requirements nationwide.

Our Services

Medical Management Assistance

We can help individuals manage their treatment and health needs. This may be assisting in the search for an appropriate treating health professional, helping the individual understand complex medical information, organising medical appointments or surgery, or just helping to manage day-to-day wellbeing.

Social Rehabilitation

It can take a while for life to return to normal after being discharged from service. Our social rehabilitation programs aim to help individuals adjust to such a substantial change.

From ensuring rehabilitation goals are reached, to improving mental health and more, we can help overcome any potential barriers in home, family and community life. Examples include:

  • Provide counselling assistance to veterans’ transition back into civilian life
  • Provide veterans an avenue for finding a new community group after leaving the military
  • Provide assistance to veterans which may have difficulty completing their activities of daily living
  • Guide veterans towards support groups as some veterans may not have a routine after leaving the military

Returning to Work

Whether an individual is looking to stay in the same role or find new employment, we can help ensure the return to work is as smooth as possible.

We offer guidance around job seeking, education, training, socialisation and help resolve the impacts of medical conditions that can be a barrier to employment.

Further Support

We work alongside many Ex-Service Organisations (ESOs) like The Returned and Services League, Australia (RSL), Mates4Mates, Heroes on the Homefront and Hearts 4 Heroes who will support a military service person transition back to civilian life.

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Our Approach to Rehabilitation

The aim of our rehabilitation program is to help individuals adapt to, or where possible, recover from an injury or illness that is related to military service. Our program typically adheres to the following steps:

  • An initial rehabilitation assessment
  • Creating goal-oriented long-term and short-term recovery plans that include continued medical assistance and rehabilitation activities
  • Providing progress updates against how an individual is tracking against each of their agreed goals

Our plans can be adjusted along the way to ensure needs are met and a positive outcome is achieved.

Our commitment to supporting veterans is showcased in our results:

  • 87.5% increase in participant wellbeing/life satisfaction scores (Life Satisfaction Index and Warwick Edenborough Health/Wellness screen, 2020)
  • A 100% placement rate for Veteran members*
    *12 months to 30 June
  • Consistently ranked as the top 5 Veteran preferred national providers with our performance
  • An excellent veteran support NPS score of 64.4 in 2021*
    *A score of 50 and above is classified as excellent, and 70 or higher as world class.

We have a strong understanding of the unique defence culture, prevalent injuries and illnesses, and the potential impact of military service on personnel transitioning back to civilian life; supporting veterans with a team that consists of:

  • Over 111 Veteran–registered and provisionally registered consultants
  • 17 Veteran mentors

Our Veteran services are provided through 50 locations in metro and regional areas across Australia.

“Just how hard that they have worked for me, helping and most of all that they have led me to the road of self-sufficiency in time to come.”

Military member

“Extremely nice and patient staff. Always there to help me. No judgements and very timely.”

Military member

“The professional caring and supportive manager helped me through some tough times.”

Military member

Rehab Management Difference

We aim to provide exceptional services for everyone we work with, including the military.

People first approach

Passionate multi-disciplinary allied health professionals

Award winning innovative services

Evidence based services

Office locations across Australia

Positive workplace culture

Are you an individual that has been referred to us?

Our approach is always to work with you and understand your individual needs.

Our Innovative Programs

We have a number of innovative award-winning services and programs that support case managers and individuals, designed to provide easy access, reduce recovery time frames, or identify potential mental health issues early. These include RMReach, MyDirection, StepUpToday and CheckInToday.

Rehab Management partners with a number of universities in the development of programs ensuring each one incorporates the latest evidence-based practices to ensure that best practice service delivery is maintained at all times.