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Australian Capital Territory - Motor Vehicle Rehabilitation

At Rehab Management, we are dedicated to helping people in the ACT who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident.

We are pleased to work with several insurance companies in the ACT including NRMA, GIO, AAMI and APIA to help guide individuals in rehabilitation and support them in their return to work and everyday life.

With over 13 years’ experience working with people injured in motor vehicle accidents and a 84% same employer return to work (RTW) rate and 74% new employer within the ACT, our team of experts is committed to ensuring the very best outcome for all parties at this time and delivers client-centred, personalised recovery plans to support the injured person to get back to their pre-injury lifestyle as soon as possible.

Are you an individual that has been referred to us?

Our approach is always to work with you and understand your individual needs.

Our Services in the ACT

We put people at the centre of everything we do and it’s our aim to work in collaboration with the insurer, employers, medical professionals and the injured person to help regain normality for them as quickly and safely as possible after an accident.

Each individual recovery plan involves tailored services provided by our experienced, qualified teams, based in the ACT.

We know a transport accident can be a frightening, emotional and stressful experience, but we can help ease some of the worry by offering the following:

  • Offering Activities of Daily Living (ADL) assessments to ensure that the individual is able to maintain wellbeing and functional independence
  • Helping an early return to work which will enhance the chances of a full recovery both physically and psychologically
  • Creating goal-oriented long-term and short-term recovery plans
  • Managing medical information including gathering and distributing documents

Finally, our teams can also offer immediate advice around common motor vehicle accident injuries including whiplash, PTSD, lower back pain and more.

Our Approach

  • We focus on maintaining function and independence and reduce reliance on treatment and services
  • Where applicable we remain engaged with employers
  • We provide regular communication to ensure engagement and support in the rehabilitation process
  • We involve family or friends in the process

“My rehab specialist is always available, assists whenever and wherever he can. He is friendly and prompt and very knowledgeable.”

CTP Claimant (ACT)

“The person I was dealing with was knowledgeable and good at breaking down the CTP system.”

CTP Claimant (ACT)

“After the accident l had lost hope especially at my work but Rehab Management stood with me l am really grateful for the support.”

CTP Claimant (ACT)

Rehab Management Difference

We aim to provide exceptional services for all we work with, including insurance agencies and individuals.

People first approach

Evidence based services

Passionate multi-disciplinary allied health professionals

Office locations across the ACT

Award winning innovative services

Positive workplace culture

Our Innovative Programs

We have a number of innovative award-winning services and programs that support businesses and individuals, designed to provide easy access, reduce recovery time frames, or identify potential mental health issues early.Rehab Management partners with a number of universities in the development of programs ensuring each one incorporates the latest evidence-based practices to ensure that best practice service delivery is maintained at all times.