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Workers' Compensation

At Rehab Management, we provide high-quality, evidence-based, and outcome-driven Return to Work (RTW) services to injured workers, insurers and claims agents and employers.

Accredited under the Heads of Workers Compensation Authorities’ (HWCA) Nationally Consistent Approval Framework, our service delivery approach is underpinned by the Principles of Practice. These form a strong foundation for delivering customer-centric, evidence-based, timely and proactive services to your business.

Our Approach

Since 1998, we have provided workplace rehabilitation solutions to injured workers and employers, agencies, insurers and claims agents in managed and privately underwritten schemes throughout Australia.

Taking a whole-person approach including biopsychosocial factors, our services align with best-practice rehabilitation and clinical frameworks. This ensures we achieve the very best outcome for everyone we work with resulting in:

  • higher than industry average return to work (RTW) results
  • excellent Net Promoter Scores (NPS)
  • and 100% renewal rate of our contracts

We utilise best in class digital tools and our investment in cloud–based systems and processes help support our consultants achieve their KPIs. Our reporting platforms enables us to gather real–time data, driving insights and enabling us to meet and exceed compliance and contractual requirements, ultimately providing excellence in service delivery for all our clients.

Are you an individual that has been referred to us?

Our approach is always to work with you and understand your individual needs.

Australia-wide Services

Each state and territory workers compensation scheme has individual features and administrative requirements. Our service extends throughout the country, and we are proud to have offices located all around Australia, with over 20 metropolitan and over 30 regional and remote sites.

Our teams that live and work in these locations are well-versed in each area's different compensation schemes and have access to established local community networks. Should a client move interstate, we can easily manage the transition.

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Our Services and Assessments

We will appoint one of our experienced rehabilitation consultants to assist an injured worker and their extended support team (which may include treatment providers, doctors, employer, and insurer) to achieve a positive rehabilitation outcome. Our aim is to oversee a safe and sustainable return to work with their current or a new employer.

Our consultant will conduct targeted assessments in order to create a plan and set goals for the individual looking to return to work. This may include one or more of the following assessments:

  • Initial needs
  • Early intervention
  • Functional capacity
  • Ergonomic
  • Job task analysis
  • Vocational
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

We also offer individual services and comprehensive programs to assist the individual in finding new employment where appropriate. This might include job search skills training (i.e. resume and cover letter development, job seeking in both the open and closed labour markets), developing networks with employers, and can include recommendations to potential employers.

Rehab Management Difference

We aim to provide exceptional services for everyone we work with including agencies and workers.

People first approach

Experience in managing complex cases

Office locations across Australia including regional and rural

Positive workplace culture

Evidence based services

Passionate multi-disciplinary allied health professionals

Award winning innovative services

Our Innovative Programs

We have a number of innovative award-winning services and programs that support businesses and individuals, designed to provide easy access, reduce recovery time frames, or identify potential mental health issues early.Rehab Management partners with a number of universities in the development of programs ensuring each one incorporates the latest evidence-based practices to ensure that best practice service delivery is maintained at all times.