Behind the scenes, our dedicated leadership team supports our frontline to listen to you and provide an approachable, respectful and collaborative experience.

Skills, expertise and compassion


Marcella Romero,

Founder & Managing Director

Marcella is an award winning founder and managing director with over 20 years’ experience working within workplace rehabilitation and disability services. With a background in occupational therapy and health sciences, Marcella is an outcomes driven, values based and people oriented leader with extensive experience delivering innovative programs and outcomes across a multiple industries, communities and insurance frameworks Australia-wide. Marcella’s strong  relationships across government and community based organisations and focus on corporate social responsibility has led to her being an industry recognised executive.

Craig Hartman,

Director & Advisory Board Member

Craig is a seasoned business leader, director and group advisory board member. With over 17 years’ experience in workplace rehabilitation, disability, employment services and work health, safety & wellbeing. Craig has extensive knowledge across strategic business growth, risk management, talent management and innovation. With a key role in diligence practices and strategic advice for planning,
financial, growth and innovation, Craig is focused on helping people to live their best lives and collaborates with senior leaders to foster an organisation with a social, diverse and community driven approach.

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Serhat Oguz,

Chief Operating Officer

Serhat has a proven track record across professional services industries. With over 20 years’ executive experience, Serhat has overseen operational excellence across a number of industries, including IT, workplace rehabilitation and disability services. As our group COO, Serhat has extensive financial, IT, operational and commercial management experience and invokes a culture of positive customer experience.

Glenn Meekin

Chief Financial Officer

A CFO of the year Finalist with over 20 years’ industry experience, Glenn oversees Rehab Management’s financial services team, ensuring a streamlined approach to financial and corporate affairs for internal and external clients. Glenn’s highly focused, energetic style is characterised by in-depth allied and corporate health knowledge and strong leadership skills to inspire his team and continually drive the business’ financial success.

Serhat Oguz – AimBig Employment
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Sam Smith

General Manager

As Rehab Management’s General Manager, Sam oversees multiple organisation divisions, supporting the executive team in driving our strategic vision and client-focused operations. Sam applies a holistic approach to business management, staff training, recruitment and induction.

His duties include overseeing our organisation’s operations nation-wide, managing service delivery quality and growth, and promoting our strong internal culture.

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