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Disability Assessment Services

At Rehab Management, we are specialists in the provision of assessment services for people with Disability, with a track record of over ten years of service provision. With 48 offices throughout Australia, we are never too far away.

We support people living with a disability and their families accessing assessment services across two major Government programs:

  • Individuals who are participants in the in the Disability Employment services (DES) program, who require workplace assessments to ensure sustained employment which is implemented through the National Panel of Assessors

National Panel of Assessors (NPA)

Since 2010, we have provided disability assessment services for the Department of Social Services under the National Panel of Assessors (NPA). The National Panel of Assessors (NPA) is part of Disability Employment Services (DES).

As a member of the NPA, you may be referred to us by your DES (Disability Employment Services) provider to undergo a workplace assessment.

This may include one of the following:

Workplace Modification Scheme Assessments

Through the DSS Employment Assistance Fund, we conduct workplace assessments to identify suitable adjustments to accommodate people with physical and/or mental health conditions.

Support Assessments

We assess workers with a disability where a Disability Employment Service Provider determines that the worker may need ongoing support in the workplace to retain their job.

Wage Scheme Assessments

We conduct independent workplace productivity assessments for employers wishing to employ people with disability under the government’s Supported Wage System provisions.

Rehab Management Difference

We aim to provide exceptional services for everyone we work with including individuals with Disability, government programs and employers.

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