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Support for Employment (SFE)

Launched in early 2021 as part of an Australian Government’s Department Of Veterans’ Affairs initiative, the Support For Employment (SFE) program is linked to the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Program, which aims to increase opportunities for veteran employment by bringing awareness to the skills veterans can actively contribute with to the civilian workforce.

To support and equip veterans enter employment, the SFE program provides eligible veterans with up to 10 hours of one-on-one support across a range of pre-employment and post- employment services. These include: resume writing, job-seeking support, preparation for interviews and assistance adjusting to a civilian workplace.


To be eligible, a Veteran must:

  • have transitioned from the Permanent Forces for a period of 12 months but not greater than five years, based on their transition date within PMKeyS;
  • not currently be accessing support through DVA rehabilitation services

How To Apply

If you meet the eligibility requirements above, apply for Support for Employment by going to your MyService page and clicking on the Services and Benefits tile. From there you will be taken to the Claims and Applications page. If you are eligible for Support for Employment you will be able to apply through the tile that appears on this page. If there is no tile on your page you are not eligible for Support for Employment (this means you are either not within the timeframe of 12 months to five years of your transition date, you are currently undertaking a DVA rehabilitation program, or you have received assistance under the program).

If you don't have a MyService record contact 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) to apply for Support for Employment. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] should you require information on eligibility and the services provided under the SFE.

Rehab Management Modules

At Rehab Management, we have a team of DVA accredited consultants who understand the unique needs of the Veteran community. The SFE modules outlined below have been specifically designed by a team who have worked with our existing Military community collectively over 10 years and have an understanding of the difficulties our Veteran community can come across as they move into the civilian workplace. The modules are designed to be interactive and engaging to provide the essential tools to secure employment.

In 2020 alone our team assisted 56 Veterans to secure full and part time employment and we have an expert team waiting to assist our Veterans.

Support for Employers (SFE) Module Overview

As an eligible Veteran, if you consider yourself to be unemployed, underemployed or need assistance to change careers, you can access additional support under the DVA’s SFE program through Rehab

You can access up to 10 hours of one-on-one support through the modules below.

1. Develop / Review Civilian Career Goals
  • Establish or review career goals.
  • ADF-to-civilian skills matching – interpret the client’s existing skills and qualifications acquired during their service in a new setting outside the ADF.
  • Explore life goals and motivations and manage client expectations for a change in career.
  • Plan a job search campaign to achieve identified goals.
  • Identify the client’s work styles using personality profilers.
  • How to deal with different work styles in the workplace.
  • Provide guidance to the client on effective job search strategies.
  • Develop and maintain a civilian Curriculum Vitae (CV) and covering letter, including translating ADF skills and experience into language that civilian employers will understand.
  • Uploading a résumé and selection criteria to online platforms.
  • How to write compelling job applications, including to effectively communicate how their unique skills and experience will apply to the specific role they are applying for.
  • Guidance to build professional networks and personal branding, including the use of online professional networking platforms.
  • Guidance on how to competitively market themselves for suitable civilian employment.
  • How to use social media to create a personal profile and find employment – LinkedIn, etc.
  • How to proactively prepare for civilian job interviews and what civilian employers expect from a potential employee.
  • How to use language to explain their skills that civilian employers will understand.
  • Support the client to practice answering potential questions.
  • Guidance on seeking and taking on board feedback from potential employers.
  • Provide the client with guidance and assistance on how to confidently negotiate an offer of employment.
  • Assist the client to understand civilian salary expectations and conditions of employment.

Contact us online to begin your SFE program today.

Alternatively, send an email directly to our SFE Client Relations Manager, Blaire Sayers at [email protected] to discuss next steps and start the program.

More information on the Support For Employment Program here: