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Preparing for your career after graduation

So, you’ve graduated as an allied health professional – congratulations! You have the skills and training, and chances are you are now looking to put them to good use by getting a job. But where do you start? Not all allied health jobs are created equal – and neither are all job candidates.

The three rules for graduate job hunters

We asked our resident expert, Arriba Group’s talent acquisition specialist Owen, for his advice on the best ways for graduates to prepare for, and find, full-time employment.

Owen has three main rules for anyone – especially graduates – when starting any job hunt:

1. Research

“Talk to lots of people and get lots of input,” Owen says.

“Do not just take the advice of the first person you speak to – reach out to lots of businesses and connect with lots of people working across many sectors on LinkedIn.

“You want to make sure your decision is as informed as possible so having as many different inputs as possible will help in getting there.

2. Know your worth

“I don’t mean financially – although that matters,” Owen says.

“Make sure the employer you are speaking with is treating you with care and attention.

“When speaking to talent teams, recruiters, and in interviews (you should) have questions prepared for things that matter to you. Come into all conversations knowing what you want to get out of a job in terms of support, culture, environment, and development, and write notes afterwards so that you can keep track.

“Once you’ve spoken to a few employers, it is easier for you to make the choice that best matches your values and needs.”

3. Transparency

“All companies have good and bad aspects and a good employer will not be afraid to tell you about the things it is still working on to improve,” Owen says.

“There is nothing worse than being sold a dream by an interview process and coming in to a hellscape on your first day. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories from people who have come to Arriba Group after false-starts at other graduate programs.

“If you ask a question and feel like you are not getting a straight answer – trust your gut.”

Graduate job opportunities – giving people their best opportunity

Rehab Management provides award-winning workplace rehabilitation, health, safety and wellbeing solutions to private and public sector clients across Australia. Our employees are trained in allied health fields such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, psychology and counselling to support people through their whole rehabilitation journey.

At Arriba Group, we always put people first – that includes our employees as well as our customers. This is reflected in our commitment to hiring, recognising and rewarding individuals who support our values. We are a truly diverse workforce which is people-passionate, quality orientated, driven to innovation, dynamic and agile.

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