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Putting You First in Your Worker’s Compensation Journey

We’ve seen some posts on the internet saying the workers’ compensation system is set up to benefit the employers, and not to support the worker. At Rehab Management, we understand and acknowledge the challenges of the system and always put you first in your workers’ comp journey by providing high-quality, evidence-based and outcome-driven Recover at Work services. We are focused on helping you achieve your rehabilitation, work, health or wellbeing goals.

Our team of highly qualified, experienced rehabilitation consultants provide professional support to help with your safe and durable return to work. We will work closely with your extended support team (which may include treatment providers, doctors, your employer and insurer) to make sure everyone has the right information and commitment to your safe recovery.

Our services align with best-practice rehabilitation and clinical frameworks – taking a whole person approach including biopsychosocial factors. This ensures we achieve the very best outcome for everyone we work with resulting in higher than industry average return to work results and excellent customer experience and engagement.

Your dedicated Rehab Management consultant will:

  • Act as a single point of contact throughout your return to work program
  • Stay in contact with you, your employer and insurer to keep communication channels open and clear
  • Identify and agree on medically appropriate duties and hours with your health professional team and your employer
  • Identify and eliminate any barriers that impact your return to work
  • Identify guidelines to ensure a gradual, safe and sustainable return to work
  • Where it’s not possible for you to return to your pre-injury or illness role, we also offer individual services and comprehensive programs to assist you to find a new job with a new employer.

At Rehab Management, we pride ourselves on our people first approach and award-winning innovative services.

Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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