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RM Academy Newbies Hit The Ground Running

Starting a career at a new workplace is an exciting but overwhelming experience. As a new starter in an established organisation, it can be difficult to settle in and find your place without the right guidance. The first few days in a new job creates a clear impression of what it is like to be part of your business, and our goal is for all of our team members to be successful in their roles and uphold our vision and values when delivering services.

At Rehab Management, we are people passionate, meaning we put people at the forefront of everything we do. For this reason, we developed RM Academy, our bespoke onboarding program that aims to induct new starters and be a stepping stone from graduating university into the workplace.

RM Academy runs twice a year, and our January session has recently welcomed 30 new starters across a variety of disciplines to join the Rehab Management team.

RM Academy blends together learning techniques to help our newbies maximise professional and personal development.  From job shadowing to networking opportunities to speaking to senior leadership about their vision and values, the team are fully immersed in the Rehab Management culture.

Hear what our newbies have to say about their first few days with RM Academy:

“It’s been a very informative and engaging two days of Academy so far, thank you Rehab Management!” Fiona

“I love the culture of Rehab Management! Today after returning from our lunch break, we were told to go and do an act of kindness. We were all given 15 minutes to go and do something kind for someone else. #kindnessRhonda

“It’s been a very informative and engaging two days of Academy so far, thank you Rehab Management! #newbeginnings #ocrehabFiona

“So excited to be on this amazing journey with Rehab Management and the RM Academy” Caitlin

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be part of Rehab Management. I’m very excited about my future with this company, and my growth as a provisional psychologist.” Abdul

“First 2 days of RM Academy done! An amazing bunch of people I’ll be working with.” Silvia

“The start of my adventure with Rehab Management!” Hannah

“Just started the next chapter of my Rehab Management journey. We have just completed our first 2 days in the RM Academy”. Jade

Looking to join RM Academy for it’s next intake? Read more here: https://www.rehabmanagement.com.au/careers/rm-academy/

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