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Saltwater Veterans Partnership

Saltwater Veterans fosters a wide-reaching social network of veterans that use inclusive sailing (and adaptive sailing) to be physically and mentally active. Now 6 years on and the collective, of Saltwater Veterans continues to grow in both veteran participants and supporting family and non-veteran volunteers.

Rehab Management’s support has had a direct and positive impact for the Saltwater Veterans to facilitate Veterans Sailing and the associated onboard logistics of the day this includes equipment, catering, insurance and much more.

Rehab Management’s Adelaide team also love joining in on the fun with South Australia Area Manager Kate regularly is found on deck both volunteering and participating with Saltwater Veterans participants.

Want to support?

Saltwater Veterans does not have external funding – It is family funded and volunteer facilitated.  Sponsorship greatly contributes toward the logistic & facilitation costs of offering their Saltwater Veterans Sailing Project free to military veterans & their families. These costs include their activity insurance, webhosting, e-waivers, catering, and event-associated travel and equipment hire.  They also aim to re-coup some of these expenses through selling their own line salty merchandise.

Check out the Saltwater Veterans website and ‘Help Make A Difference’.

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