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    Successful Return to Pre-Injury Duties Following Physical Injury.

    Mr. R was referred to Rehab Management after sustaining a crush fracture of his lumbar spine. The injury occurred in the course of his employment as a leading aviation firefighter for a large logistic/transportation company.

    After being referred to Rehab Management, one of our senior exercise physiologists conducted a comprehensive S36 assessment, along with a medical case conference. Both of which we developed a rehabilitation program which was used to support Mr. R in returning to work.

    A Rehab Management consultant outlined a Return to Work Program for Mr. R to engage in to successfully increase his capacity to complete his pre-injury hours and duties. Mr R’s plan included a gradual rise in his workplace duties, allowing for increases in capacity prior to completing some of his more physically demanding duties.

    We maintained regular communication with an employer representative regarding Mr. R’s ongoing capacity and progress over the duration of his return to work program. Rehab Management attended the workplace to identify appropriate and available suitable duties as well.

    Rehab Management communicated with the treating physiotherapist who confirmed Mr. R was progressing appropriately in his rehabilitation and discharged him from active treatment.

    Our staff also maintained regular communication with Mr R. regarding his ongoing capacity, perceived pain levels, independent exercise, and his tolerance of his current workplace duties. We frequently offered alternatives, suitable duties, and appropriate lifting techniques to ensure Mr R had a reduced risk of exacerbating his previous injury.

    With Rehab Management Mr R’s recovery was fast tracked due to our dedication to clients recovering and return to work journey utilising our award-winning services. As a result, Mr R. understands pain and self-management techniques, demonstrating significant motivation in relation to return to and maintaining his current work capacity.

    *Client’s name has been changed for privacy.

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