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    Transitioning from Graduate to Rehab Consultant with RM Academy

    For graduates in Allied Health, the transition into a professional environment can be challenging. At Rehab Management, we offer a bespoke onboarding program that works to build the capabilities of participants to prepare them for the workforce through training and mentoring, while providing real experiences to mirror life as a rehabilitation consultant.

    RM Academy is a program that blends learning techniques to maximise professional and personal development. This program provides rewarding experiences for graduates to equip them with essential tools and training to achieve career success, delivered through targeted classroom learning activities, peer support and e-learning.

    We sat down with William, a graduate of RM Academy, to get his perspective on how RM Academy helped him transition from Graduate to Rehabilitation Consultant.

    What was RM Academy like?

    The RM Academy was a fun and exciting learning experience where we were able to cover a variety of information relating to the occupational rehabilitation industry. Although it usually runs in person, we attended RM Academy online this year. That made the social component a little bit challenging, but everyone was in the same position and it was great to chat to all the graduates.  I found it to be a fantastic course that covered all the ins and outs of being a rehabilitation consultant, including what career progression could look like for us and the culture of Rehab Management.

    How did RM Academy help you as a graduate looking to transition to full-time employment?

    Coming from a clinical background, the RM Academy was great in helping me transition into the occupational rehabilitation space. The training program was comprehensive and featured induction workshops and learning key information to perform in our roles.

    The presenters of the training programs spoke on key industry topics including Quality Assurance, Report Writing, Ergonomics and Manual Handling and more, which provided unique insights into the role of a consultant.

    We were given the opportunity to network with the leaders of the organisation, which was insightful as we were able to speak to experts that had industry experience. I thought it was great that people of all levels were willing to be contacted by RM Academy graduates.

    Collectively, the training and exposure to industry experts helped me in my transition from graduate to consultant.

    What would you say to graduates looking at joining RM Academy?

    I would highly recommend the RM Academy to any graduate!

    The program was a holistic training approach that covered educational, social and cultural aspects of joining the occupational rehabilitation space. On top of this, you get to meet other graduates and build connections within the organisation, which makes starting at a new company less daunting.


    Follow William’s lead and start your journey with RM Academy today! Head to our RM Academy page or fill out an enquiry form.

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