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Volunteering at Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing immediate assistance to those in need. Hands and Feet provide food hampers through local community groups who make it available to their surrounding community at no cost!

The organisation gathers various essential items, such as vegetables, fruits, groceries, and more, sourced from local donations and purchases. With a primary focus on short-term relief, Hands and Feet aims to give individuals the opportunity to rebuild their lives. The team of volunteers and staff works diligently to sort, prepare, and pack balanced and nutritious food packs for distribution to the homeless in the city and those in need in the suburbs, making a significant impact on the community.

At Rehab Management, we strongly believe in creating a workplace environment that not only supports our employees’ growth but also encourages them to give back to the community. Our parent company, the Arriba Group goes beyond the typical offerings of flexible working arrangements and offers an annual Volunteer Day to all employees within the group. This special day is an opportunity for each team member to make a difference by supporting a local charity or organisation of their choice.

Recently, our Marketing team visited the Hands & Feet warehouse in Norwest Sydney to volunteer their day. During the visit, the team joined up with regular volunteers to sort through pallets of fruit and veg delivered by local groceries. These items cannot be sold however they are mostly good to eat! Once sorted through, the team packed new boxes of good to eat crates which were then distributed to those in need in our community.




This initiative by our Marketing team embodies the spirit of Volunteer Day at Rehab Management. It’s about giving our employees the flexibility to make a positive impact in their lives. This day allows us to recognise that work is not just about profits and productivity but also about being responsible and giving back to the community.

If you or your workplace would like to volunteer at Hands & Feet, please contact their head office below:

Email[email protected]
Phone: 02 8814 9061

You can view more information here: https://handsandfeet.com.au/




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