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What is EAP?

An Employee Assistance Program – or EAP – is a benefit usually offered to staff who work for large corporate organisations and government.

An Employee Assistance Program – or EAP – is a benefit usually offered to staff who work for large corporate organisations and government. EAPs however can be adopted by any business large or small and play an important role in building a healthy workforce and promoting a mentally healthy workplace.

EAP can be a useful tool to support staff dealing with issues such as relationship breakdown, stress, illness or perceived interpersonal difficulties at work (e.g. with a colleague or supervisor). With data showing that one in five Australian employees is affected by poor mental health that costs the Australian economy more than $10 billion dollars a year, EAP is a solid investment in building a resilient workforce.

EAP is one way that employers can actively support the health and wellbeing of their workforce – it is a useful ‘value-add’ for employees. This will help improve morale, minimise workplace absenteeism as well as increase productivity and overall engagement. According to Heads Up, the national organisation partnered with Beyond Blue to promote better workplace health, “The facts are clear: as well as benefiting employees, a mentally healthy workplace is also better for your bottom line.”

Engaging in EAP is voluntary for your staff, free, highly confidential and usually capped at a set amount of sessions per calendar year. For example, many workplaces provide a series of appointments with a matched professional, to help the staff member through the immediate crisis or issue. If the person needs ongoing assistance, the EAP provider may be able to offer referral advice.

Rehab Management EAP Services

Rehab Management offers its own comprehensive EAP services, available to organisations across Australia, which focuses on helping your people to deal with:

  • alcohol, drug and gambling problems
  • financial or legal problems
  • personal and work-related stress
  • relationship and marital problems
  • depression and anxiety
  • conflict and communication resolution
  • grief and bereavement
  • self-esteem and confidence issues.

Services are delivered, at no cost to employees, by experienced professionals including psychologists, counsellors and social workers.

How EAP works – always confidential

When an employer signs up with Rehab Management EAP, staff will receive a special number to call to access the service.

Rehab Management EAPs are confidential and independent. Sessions are usually conducted away from the workplace, and employers are not told who uses the services, with staff not requiring approval from their manager to access the free service.

EAPs are services there to be used. There is no stigma in asking for help or guidance, especially if a problem is affecting sleep, work performance or relationships. Everyone has stressful events in their life, and the health professionals employed by Rehab Management are expert in supporting an individual to overcome challenges and be at their best.

Healthy workplaces benefit everyone – the business as well as the staff member using an EAP service.

Interested to know more?

Give us a call on 1300 762 989 to get started or check out these resources for hints and extra information:

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