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    Womens Health Week | 5th to 11th September 2022

    Women’s Health week is a huge part of our year, this movement was created to focus on promoting good health and wellbeing for all women and girls nationwide. Women’s health week held from the 5-11th of September, is very important as it motivates women to prioritizing good health and self-care.

    It is easy to neglect self-care checks, both mentally and physically often having an abundance of things to look after self-care is one of the last things on the do to list. As a part of Women’s Health Week our CEO speaks on the movement and how important it is to Arriba Group.

    Arriba Group Founder & CEO Marcella Romero explains the importance of a commercial balance when leading a business which goes hand in hand with looking after your health both at work as well as at home and ensuring a work life balance. As a female leader it is crucial to identify the signs when one needs to take a break and looking after your health so that you can passionately drive and lead a business.

    It is important to lead by example, Marcela describes one of the things that she does is keep active by bringing her runners to work. Marcela Quotes “I enjoy taking walks three times a week & ensure I put aside family time. As this enables me to spend quality time with my kids and husband, this includes anything from pamper sessions with my daughter, to spending time with my sons at Basketball games, kicking the footy around at the local park and walking the dogs”.

    Arriba “You days” play a fundamental part in our company when speaking about health and mental health, as it allows staff to take the day away from work to focus on them. Marcela added that U days allow employees to look after themselves but also promotes the importance of mental health and doing things that are important to them.

    Marcela quotes “Being allowed to take the day off and recognising the signs to be available for us, not just for women but for everyone that may feel they need time off is super important. It makes staff feel valued as well as displays a significant reduction in sick leave”.

    Marcela emphasizes the importance of self-evaluating and knowing when to pause, prioritize and monitor ourselves our health, and wellbeing. We need to make sure we take care of ourselves away from work and take on the challenge of prioritizing our health and wellbeing.

    For more information visit the Womens Health Week website.

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