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Work Life Balance – Zac Ellerton

A core value at Rehab Management is our focus on being people passionate to offer exceptional service and quality outcomes for our clients, as well as providing our staff with ongoing support. This includes having flexible working arrangements and benefits to support the variety of staff we have in the company.

These arrangements support the likes of Zac Ellerton, one of our Rehabilitation Consultants (with a background of Exercise Physiology) at the Toowong office in Queensland. Zac is a dad to two young boys, aged 12 weeks and 2 years old. He also supports his wife who is on maternity leave and is settling into his first home.

For Zac, the ability to work flexibly allows him to find the right work life balance and provides the necessary support in times where his family needs him.

“Being able to work flexibly is a great benefit of working at Rehab Management, as the ability to arrive at the office a bit later or leave a bit earlier every now and then to work around daycare and family commitments is so important”.

“Working at Rehab Management is different to other businesses as I don’t take the work home with me. I know in some jobs it’s hard because you’re constantly thinking about your workload and your role, but there’s a huge focus on your wellbeing and to take time for yourself when you need it. This means that I feel like I can switch off when work is finished and just spend time with my family”.

When asked how Rehab Management offers support to him in balancing work and his personal life, he credits his manager Mason Gismondi and the great culture at Rehab Management.

“My manager Mason is very supportive in allowing me to work flexibly. With a young family, there’s endless appointments, pickups and drop offs and the dreaded daycare bugs, while also trying to support my wife and find time for myself. Mason reminds me that my family and I come first, and even though it’s important to reach certain KPI’s and perform at work, that tending to my family is a priority.”

“Rehab Management doesn’t enforce traditional hours, such as the 9-5, but instead allows me to work flexibly, which helps me produce quality outcomes and perform to my full ability”.

In finding the right work life balance, Zac acknowledges that sometimes calling it a day is a challenge, as it can be easy to “get in the zone” and push on to finish a project, resulting in working late and missing out on being with family.

“Work is important but fitting in time to see your family is also important. It all comes down to scheduling and having a plan, and that way projects can be completed by their deadlines and you can avoid working late and go home to spend quality family time.”

Zac asserts that he receives great support from Rehab Management through taking Recreational (“Rec”) Days and Sick Days, where he can use his extra 4 Recreational Days off a year to spend quality time with his family, and take personal leave when necessary.

“Use the time off to support your family when you need it. I find the best way to go about it is to be transparent with your managers about your personal needs, as they’re willing to support and help if you need the time off”.

We offer flexibility and recreation leave to our Rehab Management employees so that they want to come to work, and we’ve found that offering these benefits has increased productivity as well as the mental wellbeing of our employees. It also helps our employees succeed in achieving individual and team goals.

“The team environment at Rehab Management is exceptional. I’m fortunate to be working in the Toowong office, where there’s quite a large and diverse team. The management team are so supportive with a great people focus, where its more about looking after employees and building those relationships rather than to work us to our limits.”

“The Rehab Management company structure is a reason why I love working here. The role of our managers is to look after staff, so we feel valued and supported”.

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