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World Heart Day | 29th September 2022

World Heart Day, celebrated on the 29th of September is a day we recognise the importance of heart health and raise awareness towards cardiovascular disease.

Heart disease and stroke are the cause of 18.6 million deaths each year, accountable for nearly half of all non-communicable-disease deaths cardiovascular disease is the worlds number one killer.

The focus of this day is to provide a platform for those who have experienced the severity of this illness, WHD allows people to come together and unite against the fight of CVD and reduce the global mortality rates that are caused by this disease.

It is important that we understand just how serious heart disease is and recognise the common causes of this illness as it can be prevented.

Including a healthy diet into our lives, finding the time to exercise regularly and avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking can all be done to avoid the devastating consequences of cardiovascular disease.

For more information visit the World Heart Day website

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