Workplace health and wellbeing encompasses all parts of working life. From how employees feel about their work, the safety and quality of the work environment to overall workplace organization.

Attitudes and beliefs around workplace health and wellbeing have evolved over the past decade. It’s more widely known that employee health and wellbeing is so much bigger than addressing physical hazards. Taking care of your employees involves looking after not only their physical health, but also their mental wellbeing.

Good employee health and wellbeing is a key factor that can determine your business’ longevity and success.

Our Tailored Health and Wellbeing Services

What affects the health and wellbeing of staff?

What does a healthy workplace look like?

What are the benefits of workplace health and wellbeing programs?

How can employers improve health and wellbeing in their workplace?

What is workplace health and wellbeing?

Did you know that Australians spend almost one third of their lives at work? At Rehab Management, we know that your most important resources are your people. We help employers provide a safe, positive and healthy work environment for employees. We also offer innovative solutions and training for managers to identify and manage physical and psychological wellbeing.

The right fit for your business

Workplace programs that address employee health and wellbeing are designed to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. We have a range of services from assessments to analysis and training that assist employers to create a healthy work environment for their staff.

What are health and wellbeing programs in the workplace?

While there are many health benefits of good work, when a working environment isn’t right, the effects on employees can be detrimental.

An employee’s health and wellbeing can often be affected by work factors including:


Relationships with colleagues and managers


Amount of autonomy or control they have over the way they work


Level of involvement they have with organisational decisions


Availability of flexible work

Offer and EAP

Giving your employees access to a quality Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselling service is a key way to take care of their mental health and wellbeing.

EAPs are a confidential, independent, early intervention counselling service for employees. The program helps people identify and deal with issues that may be affecting their relationships, health, wellbeing and work performance.

Train your managers

Training managers in mental health (Mental Health First Aid or MHFA) allows them to identify problems early and equips them to find effective and sustainable solutions.

The State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia reported that only 39% of respondents said they would seek support from their direct managers if they had a mental health condition. Training your managers may increase the likelihood of employees confiding in their direct managers, allowing a swift and appropriate resolution.

Up-skilling managers with ergonomic and manual handling training can also make a big difference to the physical health and safety of employees. Equipping managers with the knowledge of safe workplace practices, including setting staff up with ergonomic assessments and training manager on how to identify ergonomic risk factors, as well as providing safe manual handling practices is a valuable skill all employees should have. Training reduces the physical risks to employees so they can perform at their best.

Work Health Checks Program

As injury management and prevention specialists, we have designed a Work Health Checks program to support employee health and wellbeing for a healthy workplace.

Delivered by trained professionals from multiple allied health disciplines, components include:


Health questionnaire


Blood sugar




Blood pressure


Body fat (BMI)



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