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Our Programs
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Rehab Management has a number of award winning, evidenced based innovative programs, tools and platforms to support our clients and the individuals we work with.

Our Programs

CheckInToday is a holistic approach to supporting an individual’s mental health and wellbeing.

Via our easy-to-use online tool, an evidence-based screening questionnaire is completed and the results are sent back to Rehab Management in real time. From here, we are able to formulate a tailored support program for each individual. Categorised into four tiers, the program can cover a range of wellbeing support services across physical, mental, social, health, lifestyle, work and study.

Delivered by Rehab Management health professionals, CheckInToday aims to:

  • Reduce mental health and psychosocial issues / impacts
  • Reduce isolation
  • Link participants with community and treatment resources
  • Promote the health benefits of social connectedness and work
  • Encourage and coach healthy lifestyle behaviours such as exercise and healthy eating

StepUpToday is a tailored rehabilitation program for individuals with an injury or illness which supports them to achieve health goals via structured goal setting. SMART goal setting is centred around everyday activities, including health and lifestyle, daily household activities, hobbies, thoughts and feelings, work or study, family activities, and social connections.

With the support of a Wellness Coach, these goals are worked towards over a pre-planned timeframe between 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the individual needs.

This approach promotes enjoyable, achievable, and tailored goals for people looking to enhance their quality of life, achieve health or recovery goals and improve their functioning.


MyDirection is a digitised, client-centred program that identifies risk factors and predicts the likelihood of long-term unemployment after physical or psychological injury or illness.

An early, bespoke proactive intervention strategy, MyDirection involves an interview/assessment and review period followed by the setting of a structured and tailored program that helps and empowers individuals achieve recovery and return to work goals via activity-based modules.

Make an enquiry today on how we can support your organisation with our bespoke programs.

By the end of the program, the individual can expect:

  • To feel more independent and confident in self-management to avoid relapse
  • Learn about what helps people to overcome adversity and thrive
  • An increase in positive psychological wellbeing
  • A confirmation of longer-term goals and actions required to achieve them

Our Tools


SmartView is an integrated media hosting platform that allows stakeholders to simply and easily view high resolution images and videos within their Rehab Management reports.

Our team of allied health professionals can capture images and videos to improve the documentation of any assessments they are undertaking, whether in the workplace or the home environment.

SmartView media is included in a range of our services including:

  • Workplace Assessment
  • Activities of Daily Living/Domestic Functioning Assessments
  • Ergonomic or Workstation Reviews
  • Manual Handling or postural advice support

Benefits include a higher level of insight into the requirements of certain work tasks or use of specific machinery or tools, clearer education and training materials for workers and a more comprehensive report of work tasks and environments for doctors and treatment providers who are developing tailored treatment programs.

SmartView is safe, secure and includes the informed collaboration and consent of all parties involved. All the media and associated SmartView systems meet cyber security, privacy and confidentiality requirements under Australian privacy law.

RMReach is a user-friendly, videoconference connect approach allowing our team to effectively and efficiently deliver videohealth and remote servicing for stakeholders during the course of their rehabilitation and return to work journey. Our goal is to always provide a seamless, enjoyable virtual experience so we can continue to assist our customers – anytime, anywhere.
RMReach enables service delivery, webinars and training, video demonstrations and virtual meetings through easy to use online video conferencing and meeting application. The service includes best practice videohealth education and training for the Rehab Management team, along with end-user service guides that support less tech-savvy customers to feel confident in engaging online.

Rehab Management Difference

We aim to provide exceptional services for everyone we work with including individuals, employers and their employees.

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