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Remaining Virtually Connected Is Helping Clients Stay On Track

When I caught up with Rehab Management’s NSW State Manager to talk all things telehealth, she was keen to share some insights about occupational rehab, lock down style.

“While teleconsults aren’t new at Rehab Management – we’ve been using the RMReach platform to consult with rural and remote clients for several years now – it’s definitely new territory for our metropolitan-based clients. I think because we’re dealing with people already disconnected from work and colleagues, now isolated at home, unable to see friends, uptake has been excellent, and actually higher than we expected because the opportunity to connect is very welcome,” said Renee Thornton.

And although some clients and treatment providers look a bit uncomfortable at the start, particularly if they’re used do doing face-to-face, Renee says consultants find this fades away quickly.

GP case conferences hosted via RMReach have also been working well. The video capability means participants can see each other and use visual clues to contribute to the discussion without speaking over each other. GPs also have the opportunity to observe improvements in a client’s function, which is great for being able to keep them progressing through their recovery journey.

“As an occupational rehab provider this is critical to achieving the outcomes and timeframes we commit to. Our ability to remain virtually connected to clients during this time is really helping them to stay on track, and maintain a focus on their goals.” she said.

Workplace assessments have been interesting, but clients and consultants have quickly adapted, finding new ways to make observation possible. Consultants are rising to the challenge, modifying their approach to instructions and feedback.  And clients have been fantastic, sending in photos and videos from their phone to help us perform thorough capacity assessments.   

Talking from her mum’s farm in Berry, which offers a stunning rural backdrop, Renee is grateful to be in lockdown in such a beautiful setting, but she’s really missing the physical proximity of her team and colleagues.

“I’m very much about face to face contact, and looking forward to a time when office life and social connection can be safely resumed.”

For more details on RMHealth click here – or if you’d like to speak with a consultant call us on 1300 762 989.

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