With over 20 years’ experience in same employer services, we have a return to work success rate of 96%. Our proactive and client-centred approach is focused on early intervention to ensure a timely and safe return to pre-injury work.


Same Employer Case Management

A Return to Work (RTW) plan is developed and implemented, with agreement from all stakeholders, with the goal of returning the injured person to either their pre-injury or suitable employment with their pre-injury employer.


Services may include:
  • Medical case conferencing
  • Workplace visits
  • Identification of suitable duties
  • Use of vocational programs and reporting

Psychological Case Management

A triage service is provided to stream a psychological claimant into appropriate service provision.


Services may include:
  • Psychological Assessment
  • NTD case conference
  • Specialist liaison
  • Psych Functional Upgrading Program
  • Psychological workplace assessment
  • Mediation
  • RTW plan development
  • Objective testing

Workplace Assessment

A specialised onsite assessment of an injured person’s duties and/or potential suitable duties, including assessment of the physical, psychological and cognitive demands of the job.


Initial Assessment

A face-to-face assessment undertaken to explore the background to the injury; current symptoms, treatment and prognosis; psychosocial factors; employment history; and the exploration of RTW options.


Medical Case Conference

A meeting held with the treating doctor, injured person and Rehab Management Consultant to discuss the individual’s symptoms, progress with treatment, work capacity and RTW plan.


Functional Capacity Assessment

Use of standardised and non-standardised assessment tools to evaluate an injured person’s abilities and limitations against identified work related criteria. Conducted at one of Rehab Management’s national offices or at the workplace.


Ergonomic Assessment

An assessment to evaluate an individual’s workstation set-up in relation to sustained and prolonged positioning. Recommendations for equipment may be made if appropriate and education is provided.


Work Trial

A host employer is sourced and work trial program implemented for work conditioning/upgrading purposes, prior to the individual returning to pre-injury employer.


Job Task Analysis

This assessment breaks down a job into its individual components to identify the key demands of the role.


Psychological Assessment

An assessment to clarify an injured person’s psychological symptoms and the impact on their return to work. Recommendations are made that may assist in overcoming barriers in returning to work.

What makes us unique

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Over 20 years' experience

Helping people with disability, injury or health conditions get back to work

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Tailored services

Grounded in understanding your unique business and staff needs

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Education and training

Extensive expereince providng workplace helath solutions and training

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Expert staff

Experienced in specialist knowledge across multiple industries 

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Proudly Australian owned

With a national footprint and local business knowledge

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Industry recognised customer experience

Continually improving our services by analysing customer feedback

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Award-winning innovators

We invest in technology and continuous imporvmeent initiaves

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ISO 9001 certified

Grounded in quality systems and outcomes

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