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A day in the life of Toby

Before the RM Academy was established, Rehab Management believed that graduates and the ability to help put their studies into practice formed a core part of the organisation’s growth – which is how Toby Newton-McGee began his journey ten years ago. Now in the position of  Regional Manager of Parramatta, Liverpool, and Penrith, we chatted with him to learn more about Toby’s daily routine, why he loves the industry he works in and his favourite aspects of working at Rehab Management.

Toby told us that “The flexibility, variety, and the team” keeps him going in this challenging field. But what exactly does a typical day look like for him? Toby explained that his daily routine usually starts by “arriving to the office early to prepare everything for the day. Support the team across their files. Provide strategy and support. Review files before setting up the next day”.

One of Toby’s favourite moments from his career is the story of a client who had been unfit for work for three long years. When this client’s case was transferred to Toby, they shifted their approach. Instead of solely focusing on returning to work, they focused on small, achievable goals. These goals were as simple as picking up her grandchildren or taking a walk around the block.

After just three months of this new approach, the client witnessed physical and mental improvements. This newfound motivation led her to reach out to her workplace, and she eventually returned to work, initially on a limited basis. Toby shared with us that “four years later, she is still working in her pre-injury role with no issues”, thanks to the transformative power of rehabilitation.

Thank you, Toby, for taking time out of your busy schedule to let us interview you!

If you want to kickstart your career with the RM Academy and grow with an organisation like Toby has, applications are now open with Graduate Academy programs commencing in late January 2024. You can learn more here and apply online.

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