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When an individual comes to Rehab Management after sustaining an injury or is living with a mental or physical disability, they may be experiencing challenges impacting on their ability to participate in day-to-day tasks or achieve their personal goals. These difficulties might include spending time with friends and family, looking after their self-care, completing daily household activities or engaging in hobbies. Research supports that an effective way to overcome these challenges is for the individual to set achievable and measurable goals around everyday activities. This approach promotes enjoyable, achievable, and tailored goals for people to work towards to enhance their quality of life. In trying to support people to achieve self-realisation, Rehab Management identified there was no real time framework and supportive technology in place for these participants and their Wellbeing Coaches to support, guide and track progress or hiccups.

This is where the need for StepUp Today was realised.

The latest in innovation from Rehab Management – introducing the StepUp Today app. StepUp Today is a mobile web enabled integrated app that works to improve an individual’s function, independence, and wellbeing through meaningful, tailored goal setting around everyday activities. Categories in goal setting include health and lifestyle, daily household activities, hobbies, thoughts and feelings, work or study, family activities, and social connections.

How does it work?

  1. The participant will answer a few online questions covering key areas across their life, identifying areas of strength and where they are not satisfied
  2. The participants, with support from the Wellbeing Coach, set personal activity goals against one or a few categories, the aim of which is to realise their achievements with clinician-driven suppor
  3. These goals are worked towards over a pre-planned timeframe between 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the individual needs

While other providers offer only return to work programs, Rehab Management realises that a more personal approach is needed, rather than a focus on paperwork, manual reporting and only the ‘work’ part of a person’s life. By developing the StepUpToday app, our participants and Wellbeing Coaches can better manage these goals and achieve sustainable outcomes faster.

“We’re finding that individuals feel much more in control and motivated just by being able to see their progress in the app – it helps them to feel empowered to keep working towards their goals. They also feel genuinely supported by their coach via the app. The StepUpToday program can result in a real boost in an individual’s overall wellbeing and confidence, which ultimately helps them to reach their goals faster” explains Marcella Romero, Arriba Group CEO.

StepUpToday is designed to improve a person’s overall health and functionality. It is grounded in a strengths-based approach to help the participant strive for their own realistic goals, no matter what their injury, illness, life circumstances or past experiences.

The StepUp Today app is a combination of Rehab Management’s passion for people and focus on innovative technology to deliver cutting edge services and support for our customers. We have seen a positive response across our customers, whereby over 86% of participants have achieved success in their return to work or return to life goals.

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