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A Day in the Life of Jessica

This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Green, one of our Employment Consultants here at Rehab Management. Jessica shared with us what her usual day-to-day looks like, including her daily tasks and responsibilities, the places she frequently travels to and the people she meets along the way.

Jessica’s day begins with a cup of coffee as she dives into her tasks and usual work routine. “The jobs that I complete most days include; job readiness training with workers, work trial canvassing, RPL assessments, progress reports, and workplace meetings,” Jessica explains.

Job readiness training is a key aspect of her role, equipping workers with the skills and confidence they need to re-enter the workforce successfully. It’s a task she approaches with enthusiasm, knowing that each session is a step toward helping her clients achieve their goals in returning to the workforce.

During Jessica’s usual day-to-day work-life she encounters many different people, coming from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. “The people I see and meet each day include workers from all frameworks including DVA, lots of APS and Government Employers and case managers, GP’s, and various employers across ACT/NSW,” she shares. This variety of interactions keeps her engaged and motivated, as she navigates through different needs and challenges.

One of the highlights of Jessica’s role is the time she spends on the road, where she travels to workers’ workplaces and homes, allowing her to provide personalised support and guidance. “I am usually out on the road meeting workers in their workplace or their home,” Jessica says. She also meets with potential work trial hosts, taking the time to understand their workplaces and ensure they can accommodate injured workers effectively.

When asked about her motivation, Jessica’s responded: “I love love love my job!” Her passion for empowering and enabling injured workers after significant periods away from work drives her daily efforts.

Jessica emphasises that her role as an Employment Consultant extends far beyond the typical “job seeking meetings.” She becomes the main support network for the workers she assists, guiding and advising them toward their overall work and well-being goals.

We thank Jessica for taking the time out of her busy schedule to let us interview her!

If you are interested in a career with us at Rehab Management, please visit our careers page here.

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