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    Staying Engaged in Your Recovery During a Pandemic

    Your recovery and rehabilitation process is very important to us. We all have coping strategies that we rely upon when life gets tough, especially when we have experienced an injury or had an accident. We appreciate that your recovery may be more challenging during a pandemic as you may be concerned not only about your own health but also your family, friends, community, and your job. Lockdowns may impact on your ability to connect face to face with your family and/or community to support you with your recovery. You may also not be able to attend treatment face to face as you usually would.

    We are here to support you during this time. Our consultants can help you to find new coping strategies that will work for you right now and will assist you to continue to maintain connections with your support networks and engage in recommended treatment to assist you with your recovery.

    Using technology to connect with support networks

    We recognise that support networks are a critical component to one’s recovery and rehabilitation process. Maintaining regular human connection is also more important than ever as we navigate these pandemic times. We know that feeling socially isolated can impact your mental wellbeing and recovery process. It could make you feel sad and lonely. We want to make sure that during this time, you have ways to stay connected to your family, friends, and community, even if you can’t see them in person.

    For those that have access to them, a range of technologies including Skype, Zoom and FaceTime allow people to connect. We will discuss with you ways to plan and schedule in regular catchups online or on the phone with your support networks.

    Virtual treatment options

    It is important to engage in recommended treatment to support you with your rehabilitation and recovery process. We recognise that some treatment services (such as face to face physiotherapy treatment, gym or pool exercise programs) have been impacted by the pandemic and associated lockdowns. We will assist you by exploring alternative options to allow you to still engage in your recommended treatment and avoid delaying it to ensure you optimise your recovery. We will discuss with you and your doctor connecting with treatment providers who offer virtual services.

    Not sure how to take the first step or have any questions?

    We are here to help. Please reach out to your Rehabilitation Consultant at any time if you want more information or support from us to assist you to remain socially connected with your support network and identify treatment providers who can provide you with virtual services.

    For more information about Rehab Management and the services we provide, contact us today.

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